The Pitfalls Of Buying Venetian Ball Masks

Well, yes and no. You could choose to do it this way and it certainly will simplify the buying process, this is fine on certain occasions but it may get you into a spot of bother on others. You need to think about performance! Now that may sound more like a term you would apply to sportswear rather than a fancy dress mask but you will soon see why it is also applicable here.

If the mask is for a relatively laid back occasion then you can generally get away with pretty much any old mask, same thing goes if you are just buying a mask for children for Halloween for example but if you need a Venetian mask for something more formal, then it is better that you put a little more thought into your purchase.

Stick or no stick?
This is a pitfall that few will see when they buy a mask, the first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘do I need to keep my face hidden throughout the occasion?’ If the answer is yes then you will be better off going for a mask without a stick, holding a mask up to your face for hours is not a comfortable experience on the arm as you will find out if you make this error. If it is a formal yet more relaxed occasion and removing your mask regularly is acceptable however this type of mask is a great choice and they look much more like authentic Venetian masks when the stick is attached.

Which type of material?
This is a question I’m often asked and again it depends on how long you must keep your face hidden for along with the factor of whether or not you will be wearing makeup under your mask. The latter is obviously only directed at women but I will cover it anyway to address the problem at hand.

Once again, if you must wear masquerade ball masks for a long period you should avoid plastic or rubber based masks, due to the nature of the material you WILL sweat. While this is more just a problem of discomfort for the gentlemen it will be worse for the women who are wearing makeup underneath their Venetian masks, this will be particularly bad if you have a white gown on and makeup begins to run on to the dress.

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